Welcome to a Celebration of Great Beer.

This Blog was born on 1st November 2016 out of a passion to spread the word of Great Beer to the Masses.

Below is our Mission Statement:

1. We don't do negativity.

If you are expecting to see harsh beer reviews, name calling, shit stirring or Brewery Bashing - you are in the wrong place... this is a celebration after all.

2. Our Aim is to Promote Great Beer.

We want to push and drive the market forward, increasing the public's awareness of everything good about our beloved beverage.

3. We Support Local.

The Network is 'all about' representing Local Independent Brewers and it's our goal to help them to grow and see the market thrive.

4. We always strive to be Honest and Fair.

We will never promote a product or event that we know to be of poor quality. If a beer is found on this website then you can be assured of our positive opinion on it. Poorly rated beers simply don't make the cut.


We love to review new beers and attend events organised by breweries, as long as they respect the loyal and impartial relationship that we have with our readers and understand that we reserve the right to publish our own honest opinions.

6. We want this Blog to be Fun.

After all, that's what drinking good beer is all about. We are here to update, review, promote, discuss, admire, debate, educate, laugh, cry, anaylise, disect but most of all - ENJOY all aspects of Beer and we want you to accompany us on this fantastic journey.

Brewers, Distributors, Bar/ Restaurant Owners, fellow Beer Bloggers and Enthusiasts....


- Do you know of anything that you think would interest our readers?


- Would you like us to promote a New Product or Event that you are running?


Then please get in touch using the details at the bottom of this page

- we'd love to hear from you :-)

Oh Beer Network Logo
Andrew Hamilton - Creator of Oh Beer Network


I'm Andrew and I LOVE Great Beer.

My voyage of discovery started many years ago when I ordered a Lager at a restaurant in Manchester. As it arrived at our table what was immediately clear was that it was a different colour to the type of beer that I expected.


More of a dark golden than straw pale and it even smelled different too. I quickly checked the menu again and yes, this was the Lager that I had ordered.


After the first mouthful however, my beer drinking days had changed forever.


Like Neo taking the Red Pill in the Matrix, a New World, filled with possibility had unveiled itself to me. It had only been the tip of the ice burg but from that moment forward, I knew that there were other, superior tasting beers available out there.

For info, the 'Life Changing' brew that I had come across was Samuel Adams Boston Lager and as I found out at the time, it was a type of "Craft Beer".

- So where had it been all my life and why had I been settling for weak, flavourless beers for so many years?

The reason was simple, I just didn't know anything about Craft Beer and to be honest, not many of my friends had either.


A new era had begun for me, to seek out different and better beers wherever I could find them, whether it was Belgium Trappist Ales, Hefeweizens from Germany, Big Hoppy American IPA's, Dark Irish Stouts or Reserved Old English Ales I wanted to try them all and then tell the world about what I had discovered.

My mission had begun...