Cloudwater Brew Co.


9% ABV

So what can I say about this?...


A Double IPA (version 6) from one of the most well renowned brewers in the UK. DIPA's are what Cloudwater are famous for and I was excited to give this bad boy a go.

Big on the nose (standard issue for strong IPA's) with plenty of hoppy natural goodness.

A Massive hoppy character and super Dank notes take control of the taste, but bitterness and a high ABV reign supreme in this beer's world.

There's no escape from the sharp bite and the hopheads out there will love it!

I can appreciate where it's going but it's not somewhere I particularly want to hang out.

It's a bloody good Double IPA - but give me a single any day 😉

I look forward to comparing the other versions, still a great beer

#Cloudwater #810 #DIPA