Modern IPA

Modern IPA

EvilTwin Brewing

6% ABV

The Modern Way of thinking...


Big, fruity, hoppy West Coast Styles of IPA's (Indian Pale Ales) have been the 'must have' drink in the UK throughout 2015 and early 2016. In fact, most of the bigger breweries tend to measure themselves on the quality of IPA they can offer in their line up.

As a lower strength, more sessionable example at 6% (yes, "sessionable at 6%", how times change!), 'Modern IPA' is EvilTwin Brewing's current IPA offering.

It starts well. The beer pours nicely and looks good. A murky, 'mellow yellow' tone with ample carbonation, accompanies a smell of fresh tropical fruit, aromas of citrus and hops - plenty of hops!

The taste doesn't disappoint either. Big tropical flavours of mango and pineapple give a juicy Summery splash followed by a pleasantly bitter aftertaste that sticks to the inside of your mouth long after the beer has gone.

Is this a nice IPA?


Would I buy it again?


Are there better IPA's out there?

Yes, but not many in the UK.

Nice beer, get it

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