Nightmare on Bold Street

Nightmare on Bold Street - Milk Stout (5.3% ABV)

Be afraid of the dark - seriously!


Smooth and creamy to drink but with a devilish and somewhat evil blast of coffee which dominates the senses from start to finish.

Hints of lactose can be detected are but are not over powering, before big coffee smells smash you from the blindside.

And it's the coffee that dominates the taste of this brew essentially obliterating what could be a fairly pleasant Stout underneath.

Don't get me wrong, the flavours are pleasant, especially if you like to give your name when you order your drinks.

To be honest, that's probably how this is best served, in a mug and from a Barista. Just don't order a "Venti" - you won't sleep for a week.

A heavy coffee milk stout, perfect for some but not really my thing

Happy Halloween!

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