London Brick

London brick


Red Rye Ale - 6.2% ABV

Here's a brewery that you're going to hear a lot about...


Today's beer comes from the Kernel Brewery, way down South in the Big Smoke, aka: London Town.

These guys are at the top of their game at the minute and are one of the Most Recognised Craft Brewers in the UK.

Why is that?...

Because they're bloody good!

Described by some as a 'Beer Fascist', Evin O'Riordain (their founder and Head Brewer) has been known to not sell beer that is over 8

weeks old "because it loses its fresh, hoppy aroma". Now if that doesn't show a passion for quality then I don't know what does.

Based out of a brewery that is built under railway arches in the Bermondsey part of the city, they are currently selling over 10,000 bottles a week and even that isn't enough to satisfy the demand they have built up from die hard craft brew enthusiasts.

So let's put them to the test. Whilst I have sampled many Kernel brews before, it is with a great excitement that I crack open my first bottle to review on the 'Oh Beer Network' 🍻

It's a nice, dark red, full bodied Rye Ale to look at with a frothy white head and minimal carbonation.

Fantastic aroma. The centennial hops hit you in the face like the slap from a beautiful woman and this is partnered with the delicious smell of sweet caramel from the malts.

After the first sip, this is quite simply a wonderful beer.

The mouth feel is superb. It has a lovely smooth consistency that nurses the fruity hops and caramelised malts - one at each breast.

The wonderful thing that rye gives a beer is a delicious bread like taste and added earthiness to the body. This Red Ale has exactly that as well as a super satisfying dryness that hits you right at the back of the mouth.

It just tastes, feels, looks and smells like a quality beer that's been created with passion, desire and some tender loving care.

A lot of beers that I review, I wonder if I would actively choose to buy them again myself?

This beer I most definitely would - mid session after a few pale ales and before some stronger IPA's.

This Kernel certainly knows how to pop.

Just buy it 🍺👍🏻

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