Mandarin IPA

Mandarin IPA

Mad Hatter Brewing Company

IPA - 6.4% ABV

We've an awesome food pairing for this beer...


Today we are reviewing another beer from Mad Hatter Brewing Company in Liverpool.

This Brewery are growing at a rapid rate and becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

Their range generally consists of more unusual bottled beers that tend to be at slightly higher ABV's.

Nothing that puts me off at all (in fact quite the opposite). Let's see what this one has to offer...

Mandarin IPA and it's as orange as they come. Bright in colour nearly like a glass of lucozade or Iron Brew with an ice white foamy head. Bright and vibrant as it sits in front of me.

In with the nose and it's big hoppy citrus smells backed up with (guess what?) a distinct aroma of orange. It really is delicious to inhale. Bottle it up and turn it into a beard oil and I'd happily wear it 👍🏻

Glass to mouth and just as we thought - A lovely orange bitter taste. It's nicely balanced though so that it's not too bitter, like a lot of IPA's tend to be these days.

A lighter tasting Indian Pale Ale, but in a good way. It just translates to being less demanding and easier to drink, making it perfect for a mid to late session choice.

It's no secret that I love oranges and the mandarin flavours are certainly welcomed in my eyes (or mouth). If I was to pair some food to complement this beer, try it with some milk chocolate (or better still a Terry's Chocolate Orange). The tastes will completely work together.

Mmmmm 🍊+🍫+🍺=😀

((Update: I tried it with chocolate orange - Match made in Heaven 🙏))

Basically, this is a pretty straightforward review. An orange tasting, easy drinking IPA with a cheerful personality and plenty of zesty sweet citrus flavours.

Like the Cheshire Cat on the front of the bottle, this beer will make you smile (especially when mixed with chocolate) 😉

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