Neck Oil

Neck Oil Beavertown Brewery 4.3% ABV Session IPA

Beavertown are fantastic...


In fact, Beavertown are one of the best breweries in the UK at the moment. Opinion I know, but one that the vast majority of Craft Brew Enthusiasts wouldn't disagree with.

So Neck Oil, one of the core beers in their current line up should be great - right?

Well, it looks fantastic. A decent head on top of a well carbonated hazy, sunshine coloured glass of art. The smell hits you on the pour and the big fruity hoppy scent caresses your nostrils whilst transporting you back to warm summer days in the park.

So far, so good.

The excitement has built and the taste...

Honestly, is a bit underwhelming.

Whilst it doesn't taste bad it's not much higher than average. It feels slightly diluted and the low (for an IPA) ABV doesn't lend to the fact that it's a bit flat on flavour.

So what happened to all of Hoppiness coming through on the nose. Well they are still there and this translates into a bitter bite at the back of the mouth.

It isn't enough though.

What this beer has in appearance it unfortunately lacks in taste.

It's a decent enough beer but by Beavertown's standards, it's a tad ordinary for me I'm afraid.

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