I Love You With My Stout

I love you with my stout

EvilTwin Brewing

Imperial Stout - 12% ABV

The quest continues...


From the moment that you set eyes on the bottle, you just know that this 12%ABV 'Dark Stout Bad Boy' is going to mean business.

Based on the legend that is; 'Even More Jesus', this boozy Imperial Stout starts its life in the glass as a thick and gloopy coal black mixture with finger width of yellow/cream head.

This soon dissipates however but the smells of coffee and vanilla remain as a permanent fixture along with a strong sherry like undertone.

It's at this point you won't be driving anywhere for the next while (have two bottles and you can count walking out as well!).

The flavours hit you like a sledgehammer after the first taste. Strong and smokey with a big malt character, just as you would expect to find.

The alcohol is there though, and it's wants the world to know!

It scratches its way down the back of your throat like nails down a blackboard leaving a boozy heat where beer once used to reside.

Berries and sweetness dominate in the aftertaste beckoning for you to take another sip before you ultimately oblige.

Unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to try 'Even more Jesus' (yet!) but I'm hoping that it's a little bit more forgiving.

It doesn't feel to me like this Hard hitting Stout knows what it wants to be. It's like the big flavours are all having an argument with each other about who's the most Alpha whist meanwhile the alcohol has snuck round the behind them before helping himself to their wallets.

After a while this gets taxing to drink. The medicinal like flavour starts to over stay it's welcome and my tastebuds feel like they want a welcome break.

This Imperial Stout will suit a lot of people especially the type who like to brag about the high alcohol levels in the beers they drink, although this just doesn't do it for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love Stouts, especially at this time of year but this one feels raw. Something hasn't quite combined correctly to create the beer that I wanted to drink and expected to taste.

Not bad, but 'EvilTwin' have plenty of others to try.

- Bring me 'Even More Jesus'!

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