Bathams Best Bitter


Best Bitter

Bitter Ale - 4.3% ABV

I would never choose to buy this beer!...


I would never choose to buy this beer!...

Not because it's bad just because it looks a bit like an old school (warm and flat) English Pubs finest Real Ale.

Not usually a style of brew I tend to get excited about.

This one... is different though

- very different!!

You see, whilst it doesn't look like much in the bottle, Bathams Bitter has history and some serious street cred!

Bathams Bitter was first brewed in 1951 in 'The Black Country' in England. It was a trendsetter for its time though and instantly became a hit in a region that was dominated by 'Mild Beers'.

Cult status ensued as this beer's demand far exceeded supply meaning that it was notoriously difficult to get, this still applies even today.

Logan Plant (son of LED Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and Owner of Beavertown Brewery) has been quoted as saying that Bathams Bitter was actually the beer that got him into brewing in the first place. It is also known that the Beavertown's very own Neck Oil (see earlier review) was actually based on Bathams Bitter itself.

So, that's some build up but what is the beer actually like?

A coppery strong tea colour of a brew with a snowy white coloured head fills the glass.

Immediately lovely malty and sweet scents dominate the nose and it's possible to detect some discreet floral and perfume like notes.

On the first mouthful I was surprised. I think I was expecting a bitter mild watered down version of beer but that's nothing like what I experienced.

It was a peculiar mix of bitter zesty flavours with a lovely sweet and malty caramel infusion.

It was an acquired taste for sure but every subsequent mouthful left me craving more and more. Like a worm on a fishing line, I was hooked.

The aftertaste holds the bitterness as you would expect but with a perfect sweet surround. Yummy.

One thing I can say about this beer with absolutely no doubt is that it is exceedingly well balanced, I guess this has come about over it's long and illustrious history.

At 4.3% it is fairly light although it's not something I would like to drink all night through. For all of its great taste, one or two pints would be enough in a session before I'd what to ratchet up the flavours and strength a little bit.

A true Real Ale and a great representation for a Bitter Style of beer. Not my favourite type of brew but I stand in honour for a master of its own kingdom.

Bathams, you have my respect 👍🏻

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