8 Ball

8 ball

Beavertown Brewery

Rye IPA - 6.2% ABV

From the outset this beer says "Student" to me...


Perhaps the name and Awesome can Artwork succeed in casting my mind back to my easier more carefree days in University.

'8 Ball's' featured a lot back then when playing for coin on the pool tables in the Student Union whilst listening to a looped soundtrack of Indie Music ruled many a day.

Back then there was of course no craft beer - well at least not in our world where a £1 pint of flat Carling Lager was the most popular option (times were tough!!).

I do wonder if the likes of Beavertown with their trend setting and high statement pop art labels appeal to the young scholars of our country today?

Anyway, I'm sure the taste of 8 Ball itself certainly will.

On the pour it creates a dark orange, well carbonated beer with a bright white foam head.

Juicy fruity smells dominate this brew and there are also plenty of tropical American hops present. The familiar smell of Citra in particular makes itself known and this brings a smile to my face 🙂

To taste, it's a beautifully easy to drink hoppy IPA with a lovely Rye taste.

The rye gives it that pleasant underlying spicy flavour not dissimilar to certain types of wheat beers. This is nicely balanced by the masses of hops they have used throughout the brewing process of this lively IPA.

The bitterness from the hops stays with you but doesn't over power. It succeeds in giving a pleasant taste and is very refreshing.

You do need to remind yourself that this brew is 6.2% before getting carried away though. 8 Ball is easy to drink and if you're not careful about how many have, you'll be speaking in tongues before you know it!

For me, 8 Ball is a 'No Brainer Beer'.

In other words it's an easy first choice in a bar with two many options and a limited time to decide.

Enjoy 😀

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