Evolver IPA

Evolver IPA

Wild Beer Co

Brett IPA - 5.8% ABV

Ok class, we're starting today's Beer Review with a science lesson.

Please take your seats...


What is a Brett IPA?

Well, assuming that we know that IPA stands for India Pale Ale (a beer that is usually brewed using pale malts and contains a good amount of hops), 'Brett' is short for 'Brettanomyces'.

Brett is basically a wild strain of yeast that can be found naturally (for example, on the skins of fruit).

When a beer "goes bad" (ie: has an "off smell" and tastes terrible), sometimes this can be down to Brett getting into it during the fermentation process and infecting the beer.

Brett, if used correctly by brewers however, can be a complex but fantastic way to enhance the flavour of a beer. Usually by giving it a more sour/ funky dry flavour that can actually taste pretty good.

Wild Beer Co are VERY GOOD at this practice and they are becoming well known in the industry for producing fantastic "sour" beers or at least, one's that are brewed using Brett yeast.

So on to today's beer - Evolver IPA.

This is brewed using 100% Brett yeast which means we would expect to get a small funky taste but it shouldn't be too overpowering.

- You see, as it has no other yeast strains to compete with in the fermentation process, counter intuitively, the sour tastes are actually less pronounced...

I promise - no more science 🤓

Anyway, from the pour it's a stunning looking beer. A distinct Dark Orange colour with a Snow White frothy head.

Immediately on getting my nose to the top of the glass, I can smell hints of grapefruit with a kick (that will be our friend Brett).

Tropical fruits also drift in the aroma as the hops raise their flag loud and proud.

The taste is delightful.

A big sharp bitter shot from the Brett and a hard hop combination makes for some great flavours.

Along with the biting bitterness comes a refreshing blast of citrus flavours. This is a beer with a bite.

Not one that's going to contort your face after every gulp though. Instead, this causes you to give a wry smile as you experience a subtle dry and sour gathering dissolve away at the back of your tongue.

No doubt about it. This is one to produce at a Hot Summer BBQ with friends. When you want something light, refreshing and seriously thirst quenching - this is your beer.

Did you used to love Fanta Lemon when you were a kid?

Imagine the bite from that, in a beer format, with the extra bonus of some great hop additions, then times the flavour by 10 and you'll love this brew.

I really enjoyed the originality of this beer and although it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I'm really excited about reviewing many more beers from this brewer 😀

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