Magic Rock Brewing

Juicy Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Magic Rock are a brewery I REALLY want to like...


You see they are from Huddersfield and that's were I went to University as a student many years ago.

I'm aware I spoke about my student days in an earlier review (8-Ball) so I won't harp on too much, but needless to say I spent some good times in that Historical Northern Town.

For that reason, Magic Rock need to be a Great Brewery and I'm happy to reveal to those with little experience - they certainly are that.

Holding their own near the top of the British Craft Beer market, Magic Rock continue to produce World Class Beers to the extent that within the first year of their opening, they were named the '2nd Best New Brewery in the World 2012'.

Not bad, right?

It's a high standard to hold however and already we are expecting great things from this core beer in their line up...

'Inhaler' - a juicy Pale Ale/ IPA Hybrid.

So let's tuck in. It's a light orange murky pint with a one finger width white head.

It has an orange juice type consistency to it and the immediate aroma from the pour backs up those presumptions.

Closer inspection and it smells fantastic! Big hits of juicy citrus fruits with a toast of pine. Orange and grapefruit stand out for me and I could happily inhale this beer all day (I wonder is that how it got its name??).

Now, quickly on to the taste as I'm starting to salivate like a dog about to get his dinner.

Lips to the glass and boom! Absolutely nothing to be disappointed with here.

A Big Juicy Explosion of sweet citrus fruits that has a smooth mouthfeel and a sticky, hoppy bitterness that clings to your tongue. This gives the beer a nice dry character which succeeds in making you want to have more and more.

It is super easy to drink so it's a good job it's only 4.5 ABV. Orange and Grapefruit flavours dominate throughout for me with tastes of tropical fruits sliding in as well.

An excellent Pale Ale which could happily feature as part of session on anybody's list. Especially if the sun is shining in a bustling, picturesque Yorkshire town and you're sitting in a well stocked beer garden on a summers afternoon (ahhh, memories 😉).

Great stuff and I can't wait to review more.

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