Pale Ale

5% ABV

Would you like some stale bread in your beer sir?


Yep, the subject of today's beer review is bread - well Toast to be specific.

So who are Toast and what is their beer all about?

Toast are a bit different from your average brewer. First of all they don't have their own brewery but instead they collaborate with other breweries to produce this beer.

Being aware of the massive amount of food waste in the UK (over 15 million tons each year) which is mostly bread, Toast Ale decided they wanted to use their beer making talents to help reduce this number.

Collecting unused bread from bakeries and sandwich manufacturers, Toast Ale then use this in the brewing process along with other malted barely to create this Smooth Pale Ale.

A final point to note before the tasting is that the profits gained from selling Toast Ale go directly to 'Feedback' who are an environmental organisation who campaign to reduce food waste.

Respect 👍🏻

So, on to the Beer.

It's a beautiful clean looking Ale with a small white head after the pour. There is very little carbonation to note and it produces a lovely clear light golden colour.

The aroma gives out a slight malty smell with a hint of sweetness but there isn't too much else to note.

To taste, there is a lovely smooth sparsely carbonated mouthfeel with a delicate bitterness on the back end.

A light and refreshing pale ale with a zesty undertone. Pleasant to drink with that familiar wheat beer taste in the background.

I'd say that this Pale Ale does a great job of staying under the radar in every sense of the word. The aroma, taste and even the look of the beer (to a certain extent) are all very understated and reserved.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's certainly well balanced and tastes good. To score higher marks in my book however, I'd maybe just like to have some slightly stronger flavours coming through.

A pleasant beer to enjoy but maybe just lacking a bit of the 'Va Va Voom' necessary to hit the higher marks.

We love what they are doing to reduce food waste though and would love to see more brewers getting involved in this process.

Good luck guys and we look forward to tasting more of your beers in the future. I think another one is due for launch pretty soon 🙂🍻

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