Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave


Porter - 7% ABV


The cold weather has started to take the UK and Ireland in a headlock and as the days get shorter winter is beginning to set in and we all know what that means...

It's Porter and Stout Season!! 😀

And let's start the ball rolling with a little number from a Californian Brewery who definitely dabble in the Dark Arts - in fact, it's their Specialty.

Shallow Grave by Heretic.

So on to the pour and this is a rich, thick, black porter with good carbonation and a thick creamy/red coloured head.

Big smells of chocolate and coffee with a hint of caramel dominate the nose giving you a serious appetite for the hidden delights that lie ahead.

Glass to mouth and suddenly we have masses of chocolate. A good deal of coffee and caramel malty flavours also feature but chocolate is definitely the dominant force at work here. And I like chocolate 🙂

For me, probably the most interesting part about this porter is how carbonated it is.

For such a strong flavoured dark and rich concoction, it has the characteristics of a Moët and Chandon after the corks gone pop.

The mouthfeel is super fizzy and do you know what - it feels great.

Instead of the heavy, strong and rich composition usually seen in similarly flavoured stouts, this much lighter Porter keeps the beer fresh and light.

That means that there's no reason why you wouldn't feel like following this beer with another one.

Bonus 👍🏻

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