Fourpure Brewing

Citrus IPA - 5.9% ABV

It's an Oh Beer Network Special

Battle of the Citrus IPA's


Tonight and tomorrow we are going to be comparing 2 of the UKs best examples of Big, Juicy 'Californian inspired', Citrus IPA's.

This style has seen a growing popularity increase over the past few years and following huge inspiration from some of the US big hitters like Heady Topper, Juice Machine and Pliny the Elder, the Brits have have been hard at work to create their own superstar Juicy IPA.

The first of our brews tonight come from one of Londons greatest - Fourpure Brewing co.

These guys have been around since 2013 and have already proven their salt with a solid core line up and consistently good Seasonal Beers.

Today we look at their Citrus IPA - Juicebox. Let battle commence:

In the glass this is a Lovely cloudy orange beer with a cotton wool textured white head.

Immediately from the pour it is impossible to avoid the massive orange, mandarin smells which are extremely potent but delicious.

The aroma is fragrant and sweet with a very dank and hoppy kick.

On to taste and the Immense Juicy flavours that hit the palate are fully citrus dominated. A zesty orange peel bitterness is undeniable.

This is followed by a big bitter hoppy kick at the bag end that clings on to your palate after the beer has washed away.

The bitter bite that shares dominance with the orange tang in this beer urges you to drink more as each mouthful never seems to quite satisfy your thirst enough.

Clearly inspired by the big HOPPY IPA's of the Californian West Coast this is a fantastic version of a London brewery saying, "Anything you can do, I can do better".

But is it actually better than the best the States have to offer?

I'm not sure but it's not far off!

Tomorrow's competitor will certainly have their work cut out!

Great beer 👍🏻🍺

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