IPA Citra

IPA Citra


IPA - 6.5% ABV

Ok so it's the second and final day of our Citrus IPA stand off...


Yesterday we had Fourpure's Juicebox and it scored a fantastic 9 out of 10 in our ratings which is going to be incredibly hard to beat!

But as the expression (and cheesy 80's pop tune goes), "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" and we already know what this next Brewery is capable of.

From up North (Manchester to be precise) we welcome back Cloudwater Brew Co and their Spring/ Summer release - IPA Citra. Let's get stuck in...

From the off, it is a more dark and murkier colour than Juicebox. So I think the London brewery certainly wins on good looks.

On the nose as well, Juicebox has the stronger Aromas. That's not to say they aren't there for IPA Citra though. A beautiful smell of Grapefruit and Citrus shine through with a clear Dank Hoppy presence balancing it out nicely.

But battles won't be won on looks and smell alone. Taste is what will bring home the crown and that's exactly what we're going to compare now.

From the first mouthful this has a noticeably smoother and less bitter taste than Juicebox. It is also hard to believe that it is one percent higher volume. A clearly different taste to its Southern competitor but it's magnificent.

It has everything that I want in an IPA. Big strong hoppy flavours that are fantastically balanced against the sweetness of the juicy citrus and tropical fruit.

Whilst, Juicebox had that slight zesty bite after each mouthful (which many people would prefer), IPA Citra do a great job of disguising the bitterness with the smooth sweet fruity flavours of the hops and indeed the 'Vermont Ale Yeast' that Cloudwater have used in this Beer.

The results are nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!

Every taste I have confirms just how good this IPA really is. Cloudwater are renowned for their DIPA's (Double India Pale Ales) but I think that that does them an injustice.

IMHO, their single IPA (at least this one) is every bit as good. In fact, scratch that...

It's even better!

Frankly I'm amazed that it's beaten yesterday's heroic competition (Juicebox is a fantastic IPA!) but on personal perspective, I feel that IPA Citra just offers a better balanced and smoother taste with less of a bitter bite afterwards.

Not everyone will agree with my decision but I don't really mind.

Cloudwater IPA Citra, is one of the best juicy IPA's I've ever had! 🍻😀👍🏻

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