Club of Slaughters

Club of Slaughters


Stout - 8.8% ABV

For today's beer, in the spirit of variety, we have decided to go dark again...


I've rolled out a Strong "Slaughterhouse" Stout from Wylam Brewery based in Northumberland at the top of England.

First glimpses of the bloodstained, sinister looking bottle and I suddenly have nightmarish flashbacks of zombies, camper vans and barbed wire baseball bats!

I don't know if this beer is attempting to make some sort of political statement or whether they just liked the idea of having blood and guts on the bottle but hey, whatever floats their boat.

I'm here for one thing only - the beer.

So let's get this bad boy poured...

Dark in colour with good carbonation and a browny red coloured head. So far so good, it holds on to the creamy top nicely, inviting you to get stuck in.

On the nose it is potent. There's most definitely an alcohol blast of cherry and port along with a very medicinal like aroma. Not particularly pleasant, with maybe a hint of liquorice.

One thing is for sure, it smells like it's going to be a strong tasting Stout both in flavour and in ABV.

On to the taste, and it blows your senses in every which way. So many different flavours that it's nearly like it confuses your taste buds.

First comes that herby, medicinal taste that overpowers everything temporarily. Then follows a tingling effect on the tongue as the alcohol heats the back of your throat and tart cherry like flavours then cry out to be heard above the noise.

In the aftertaste of this medley of flavours, we have strong peat and smoke semblance which takes camp in every recess of your mouth.

It does feel like this Stout was brewed to make an impression (just like the label), but I wonder if it's trying too hard?

There really is a lot going on, to the point were it just feels a bit messy and confused.

It nearly reminds me of enjoying Skittles when I was a kid and thinking how good it would be to pour the remainder of a bag into my mouth in one go. 🌈

Rather than a supreme mega mix of fruity flavour Skittle Greatness. I was left with a conjoined bolas of sugary mess that soon got discarded to the bin.

Very disappointing.

This beer isn't that bad though and I dare say that lots of people will like the strong conflicting flavours but I just prefer a Stout to be less complicated.

I want my beer to know what it is and sometimes, simpler is just better.

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