High Wire

High Wire

Magic Rock

Grapefruit Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

High Times...


For our newest review we go back to Huddersfield again with our friends from Magic Rock.

Today's offering is not one for beer purists. If your idea of heaven is drinking flat, warm beer then this may not be your cup of tea (so to speak!).

It's called High Wire and it's a Grapefruit Pale Ale. I've heard good things about it so let's get straight into the action.

For a start, it's a lovely looking beer. A light straw coloured pale ale with a nice enough amount of carbonation to give it a small fluffy white toupee.

The aroma is to die for. Beautiful, fresh strong citrus notes that smell as fresh as the morning dew. No doubt at all that this is heavily Grapefruit flavoured.

Glass to mouth and Boom - This is SO Refreshing! Masses of Zesty Grapefruit and citrus flavours. A beautiful sharp taste that blows the cobwebs away and awakens the soul in just one large gulp.

On a roasting hot summers day and especially after some strenuous exercise (a walk to the nearest beer garden), this would be the perfect companion to spend some time with. Delicious.

As a stand alone, there are better Pale Ales out there in my opinion. But drink this in the right scenario and the correct context and it's hard to beat.

Get the fridge stocked up and bring on the summer weather I say - although we may have a few months to wait! ☃️🍺

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