Saison L'automne

Saison L'automne

Burning Sky

Saison - 4.2% ABV

Today's beer is another Saison so we are expecting a dry, light, low alcohol brew with a bit of a kick.

This example hales from Southern England in the county of Sussex and is brewed by the Burning Sky Brewery.

Saison L'automne is an Autumn Seasonal Beer and uses rose hips in its brewing process. This could give it a very interesting bitter flavour 🙂

So, to the beer...

It's pours nicely and looks great. It has a murky yellow colour to it and a fluffy white head. Very aesthetically pleasing.

On to the aroma and there is certainly a sharp orange citrus blast to it. The sourness comes across in the smell and even though I can't actually taste it at this stage. My mouth is beginning to water as if I was about to suck a lemon. 🍋

The taste confirms immediately what we would expect, a fruity sour taste with perfume like touch from the rose hips.

Whilst it has a kick it isn't as strong as I thought it might be. The sourness is there but doesn't overpower - not even close.

The fruit flavours aren't too pronounced either and in many ways I wish they did have more of a presence.

It succeeds in giving the beer a weaker flavour which does however, lend to the easy drinking and low alcoholic characteristics that the brewer was trying to achieve with a 'workers strength' beer.

For me it's dryness, lack of fizz and sour background likens it to a orange juice that has maybe been left out for a while and is slightly tart.

Indeed this wouldn't taste out of place with a bowl of cereal and some toast during breakfast - although I'm not sure I'd recommend that too early in the morning! 🍊🍞🍺

Overall, it's a nice enough easy drinking beer that could have been more bold in the flavours and could have been heavier with the sourness but instead has kept safe and produced a decent 'Workers strength' Saison.

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