Siren Craft Brew

Grapefruit IPA - 6% ABV

Is this just another "Grapefruit Fad" Beer?

- I think you're going to be surprised!


Having just tasted 'High Wire Grapefruit Pale Ale' the other day and being suitably impressed, I was interested to see that I had a Grapefruit IPA to review in my next batch of beers.

Pompelmocello is a Seasonal beer by Siren Craft Brew. Having tasted a couple of their beers in the past, I am really excited to try this. I was lucky enough to try their Chilli Red Ale (5 Alarm) on tap in Belfast and it was Awesome! 🌶

So, let's get it poured...

First impressions are good. It is a beautiful looking beer. It is as clear as they come with a light straw like colour. A decent amount of bubbles create a crisp white head that forms and holds to the top of the glass nicely.

NB: Having seen other reviews since, I'm not sure why the body of this beer was so clear. It would seem that for others, it was a much murkier brew as you would usually be more likely to expect from an IPA?

I'm not sure whether my beef had a longer time in the bottle to mature or not but the difference is noticeable. Perhaps a question for the brewers?? 🤔

The aroma is fresh and zesty. It's the sort of smell that revitalises the senses and makes you waken up. Whilst the fragrance of Grapefruit isn't quite as potent as 'High Wire', is was still very evident that it is the major force in this beer.

On to taste and all I can say is WOW!!

A Massive kick of sourness and citrus zest at the front end. It fells like my mouth is going to turn itself inside out as my lips contort in time to a bitter back beat!

But if I'm making it sound bad then you misunderstand me. As soon as the beer washes down, the lactose proceeds to massage your tastebuds with the sweet and delicate fruity flavours of the grapefruit.

Where once the was pain, there now exists pleasure.

A point to note is whether it says IPA on the label or not - this is most certainly a sour beer and a great one at that.

It's the balance that impresses me the most however. To give a super sour bite that morphs into wonderfully sweet surrender, is an art in its own and Pompelmocello is its own kind of Da Vinci.

The bitterness and sour qualities of the beer dry it out wonderfully making each mouthful a precursor to the next. Refreshment is the order of the day and this restaurant is Booming.

Enough has been said. Many people will dispute my ranking of this IPA as maybe too generous but my aim is to review the beer that's in front of me.

Today that beer was simply marvellous.

It's safe to say that Pompelmocello has become one of my favourite brews and Siren are fast becoming one of my favourite brewers 😀👍🏻🍻

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