Electric Bear Brewing

Golden Ale - 3.8% ABV

The brewers from today's beer have had a Bath....

Brewery since September last year 😉

Relative newbies to the craft beer scene they have come out guns blazing and already have a total of 13 beers to their portfolio - impressive.

So today's brew is called Persuasion and it's a Golden Ale with 2 malt grains and a nice mix of hops.

Let's dive right in...

On appearance it's a light hazy orange colour. The murkiness emulating the array of hops used in the brew. It has a small and quickly dissipating white head.

The aroma is fine and reserved. A mix of the hops and malt give it a balanced, slightly pine like smell which is delicate and not overpowering.

To taste and the hops definitely kick in. Flavours of pine and grapefruit pave the way to a dry mouthfeel. It's definitely a hop forward Ale as the malt flavours are harder to detect in the background over the dank resin like presence of the English and American hop styles.

This isn't a bad beer but it isn't going to set the world on fire either.

Whilst I would be happy enough drinking this I'm not sure it's the kind of beverage that I'm going to rush to produce my wallet for.

At 3.8% ABV I would personally prefer a bit more kick to my brew but this would probably be the perfect sort of a beer for a 'Mild' or 'Bitter' drinker who wants to introduce their pallet to something a bit more 'hoppy' and "new age".

Whilst this didn't blow me away, I would definitely be interested to try some of the other beers in this brewery's impressive line up. I feel there is much more to come from Electric Bear Brewing.

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