In The Pines

In The Pines

Wiper and True

Amber Ale - 4.7% ABV

A pine way to drink beer...


Wiper and True are based in Bristol in England. They came on to the scene as Wiper and True in 2015 but don't be fooled, they've been Brewing for a while before that and it's clear to see.

These guys are into the art of Brewing and that brings a smile to my face. Experimenting with multiple different styles brings a smile to theirs.

I think we're going to get on just fine 🍻

So on to the beer....

It's certainly an amber colour but it's very murky. The head comes and goes, this is a beer that wants you to stop talking and get stuck in.

Let's have a little sniff first though. Beautiful smells of dank hops. Citrus and Pine come through strong, confirming that big American hops like Cascade play a part in this concoction. The taste of this beer could be very interesting.

Glass to mouth and an immediate bitter hoppy explosion of flavour. This beer could dress up in disguise as an IPA and no one would know the difference.

Hugely hop forward with minimal malt interruptions leaves it bitter and dry. There is a piney taste which mirrors the name and it's refreshing to drink.

Not really what I was expecting in an Amber Ale but nice all the same.

I would happily buy a bottle of this in a bar. A solid beer with a hoppy split personality.

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