Electric Bear

Rice and Rye Ale - 5.6% ABV

Is it time to give this Brewery the chop??..


No sooner than I reviewed Persuasion Golden Ale than I realised that had another one of Electric Bear Brewing's beers at the back of my fridge. I'm pleased about this because I feel they have a lot to offer and I love their style.

So today's beer is a rare looking mix of styles. It's called 'Samurye' and it is a Rice and Rye Ale. I'm expecting good things from this as it actually won it's group in the "Experimental" category during the recent World Beer Awards. Not too shabby! 👏🏻

So, crack the bottle cap and it pours crystal clear with minimal carbonation but a fluffy white head.

As you would expect to see from a rice adjunct beer there was no haze to the solution. It was light, clean and sharp - a bit like a samurai's sword I suppose 🗡

The smell is sweet and malty with a scent of orange. There is a perfumed hint to the aroma with a herby pinch, likely from the Green Tea that has be infused within this Ale.

Taste wise and it's a full mix of flavours. The green tea is evident. It nearly feels healthy in some ways as I swallow it back. It's sweet, herby and floral in character but their is a knife slice of bitterness from the hops at the back end.

Whilst the Ale looks crystal clear and light from the outset, this is actually deceptive. The rye descreetly adds to the body giving it a more gloopy mouthfeel which holds onto your tongue.

Whilst I can appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into brewing this beer (the flavours complement each other and it feels well balanced), I'm not sure this is really my cup of ("green") tea, so to speak.

After half the bottle, the novelty starts to wear off. Green tea is good at the right time but it wouldn't tend to be my first preference on a night out.

Rest assured, this is still a good beer however (bad beers don't win World Beer Awards) and it deserves the recognition it gets.

Putting the beer aside for a moment, Electric Bear continues to intrigue me as a brewery and I'd love to taste more from their range. They have some really adventurous stuff in their portfolio and I love seeing that. Their Doppelbock in particular sounds very interesting indeed (it's on the 'To Do' list).

So in summary, Samurye isn't really my thing but it's definitely worth a try for yourself - chop chop! 🙂

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