Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness

Loch Ness Brewery

Russian Imperial Stout - 10% ABV

From the darkness comes light...


And light is what you will need to be able to read this bottle label!! đŸ€“

Today's beer is brewed with none other than, the water from Loch Ness. Yes, the one with that houses that Mystical Monster in Scotland - Nessie.

Will is make the beer taste better?

I don't know, but as it's a fairly bold 10% Russian Imperial Stout I would guess that 'Mythical Sea Serpent' may not be the overriding flavour that we'll taste in this brew.

Let's check it out...

As I crack open the cap, it pours dark dark dark! Thick and black, this bad ass literally gloops out of the bottle. A reddish creamy head floats on top of this oil slick of a beer.

This dark and evil looking brew looks to have some serious street presence.

On the nose, we have rich dark chocolate and coffee notes and a scent of berries coming through. The distinct note of evil also circulates from this concoction. Alcohol is most definitely present - I'm going in!

This must be where the light comes out from the darkness because this Stout is great.

The smell translates beautifully to the taste. Big chocolate and berry flavours. It also has a hint of sherry in the background and although it is a hard hitter (10% ABV) it's actually hides it pretty well, which is a really good sign.

The fact is, this is a well balanced Russian Imperial Stout. It has the strong flavours and strong ABV you would expect. But it is very enjoyable to drink and had a smooth and creamy mouthfeel just to put the cherry firmly on top.

I like it. There are better Imperial Stouts out there but this holds its own well.

The Prince of Darkness may be in line for the throne, but I want to meet the Ruling King. Some say he's from a place called 'Bourbon County' 😉

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