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Gun Brewery

American Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?...


Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?...

The Gun Brewery in based in Sussex who pride themselves in being mostly self sufficient. From producing their own power to recycling their spent grain amongst their live stock.

Their water as well, comes from their own spring source below the land and as water makes up 90% of beer, good fresh pure water can give fantastic flavour to the brew. Bonus.

Their logo is a symbol that homeless men used to use to warn outsiders that a 'man with a gun lives here' when they used to be away from their pitch in an attempt to ward off any would be intruders.

An interesting choice for a logo no doubt.

So on to the beer itself and we have a Strong Pale Ale weighing in at 5.5% ABV.

Tagged as being heavy on Hops and big on Citrus flavours, I'm looking forward to a refreshing brew.

On the pour and it's light, fresh and spritly. Big on fizz, this constructs a pale mild yellow colour with a beautiful white fluffy head.

The smells are zesty and full of citrus. No doubt about the hop content in the glass. This is going to be very refreshing if my nose calls it correctly and it's causing me to build up quite a thirst.

On the taste and Boom - this is lovely and refreshing. The perfect first beer after a hard day at work and a definite contender to open a session with.

As predicted, it's really zesty and fresh. It's the type of Pale Ale that cleanses the palette and freshens the head.

A lovely hop forward Citrus punch defines this brew and it's just so easy drinking. At 5.5% it's nobody's whipping boy either so watch your P's and Q's.

It really is the kind of beer that could form a permanent resident in your fridge. It's versatile and fit for most occasions which only lends to its appeal.

In summary, it's a very light and lively APA that you could enjoy plenty of. Bitter and zesty with a license to quench thirst.

A pleasant, no nonsense can of beer.

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