Milk Shake

Milk Shake

Wiper and True

Milk Stout - 4.8% ABV

Will this milkshake bring all the beards to the bar?...


This beer is going to be very interesting indeed. Another one from Wiper and True except this particular beer is a milk stout and so is brewed using lactose as one of its main ingredients alongside plenty of vanilla to flavour it and oatmeal to thicken up the consistency.

Milk Stouts are one of those 'Love them' or 'Hate them' type beers so let's see which way the cookie will crumble with this particular milkshake.

On the pour and it slides into the glass. Zero head and carbonation are the first things to notice. Black as coal and super thick but the overriding feature is that this beer is as flat as a pancake.

On the nose and it's got big vanilla notes and chocolate aromas with a lactic, milky oder.

To taste, it is sweet, creamy and really really smooth. The consistency is syrupy and it slides down the back of your throat leaving a sugary, slimy trail behind it.

I can totally see how people would like this. It is, incredibly like a milkshake from the consistency to the taste and credit ought to be given for that.

The question is however, is it really what I want to have in my glass?

Personally, I'm afraid it's not for me.

I find it overly sweet and it gets a bit sickly after a while. I understand that it's a bit of a Marmite type of a drink - you either love it or you hate it.

Unfortunately, I've never been a big Marmite fan 😐

UPDATE: The distinct lack of carbonation didn't sit well with me in this beer and I wondered if I got a dud bottle. Having researched online it is clear that this beer IS supposed to be carbonated and usually has a good white creamy head.

In conclusion, I may have had a fouled bottle in this instance (which can happen). I would suggest that you do try this for yourself and if I come across another bottle I'll be happy to re-review it 👍🏻

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