Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Tickety Brew

Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

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Tickety Brew started in 2013 as a man and wife business based in Stalybridge just outside Manchester.

Duncan, their owner and head brewer used to be an actor so the branding is reference to an old cinema ticket and his past career.

Did we mention that Tickety Brew put the stickers on each of their own bottles by hand. It doesn't really get much more 'craft' than that.

So let's see what their Pale Ale is like...

On the pour, it's a slightly red murky Ale in clear reference to the style and amount of malts used in it's brewing process. There's enough natural carbonation to give it a nice white head.

On the nose and you can pick up citrus and fruity hop aromas flowing through but with a definite malty sweetness. Peach and mango also seem apparent in the background.

Glass to mouth and it is a very sweet and fruity taste. Much more malty than you would think and to be honest, it actually feels like it lacks in bitterness. More hops to balance the flavours would work well.

The carbonation in the beer soon disappears which unfortunately gives it a 'flat' and lifeless quality.

Whilst the malt forward flavours are there, the lack of hoppy bitterness and carbonated kick means this beer seems somewhat lost and unbalanced.

Overall, I just feels a bit like this beer has no backbone. Decent potential no doubt, but in its current form, a shark with no teeth 😐

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