Anglo- Belgique IPA

Anglo- Belgique IPA

Buxton Brewery

Belgium style IPA - 6.8% ABV

A true Belgium Classic beer....

From the Peak District?


Today's Brewery hails from Central England in the beautiful area of The Peak District and the picturesque town of Buxton.

Best known around the UK for great quality bottled water, where better than to set up a brewery and start producing beer.

Buxton Brewery itself is no stranger to the lime light and in recent times it's been receiving plaudits from all sides of the Craft Beer fraternity.

Particularly well known for their IPA's and of course "white robed" Stouts, I am extremely excited to be reviewing this beer today.

Part of their Belgium inspired Special range of beers this IPA is brewed from a very specific Belgium yeast strain (as are the other four bottles in the selection), which should add to its overall continental character.

So, on the pour, it produces a copper orange colour with a lovely thick white head. It's murky and gives the impression of quite a heavy beer. Pleasing on the eye, it begs to be tasted.

The aroma is sweet, zesty and fruity like you would expect in a regular IPA. With the darker malted colour however I wonder will the hoppiness be kept under control.

It's on the first taste that my question is answered - it is bitter, very bitter.

For sure it is a fruity beer but with a spicy hit but there are no hard hitting malt qualities here and why would there be. This is an IPA and it's not making any apologies.

The bitterness itself, personifies the thirst quenching qualities of this IPA. After all, it is based on the infamous 'Patersbier' (a very drinkable and hoppy beer), although a strong one at that.

There are good carbonation levels at hand and you can taste the hops on your tongue with every mouthful. It's a nice beer and clearly it is a work of art from a brewery who are battling for at least a Top 5 status in the U.K. They're doing a bloody good job as well.

In conclusion, this beer is just a bit hoppy to be my ideal liquid companion although a love the spicy twist given to it as part of its's Belgian influences. It does have 4 more siblings in its Belgium range however and I look forward to trying them all in time.

Anglo- Belgique (the 5th of it's line up) is a decent start 🙂🍺

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