Ten Storey Malt Bomb

Ten Storey Malt Bomb


Modern 8/- (4.5% ABV)

Today's beer is from Alechemy Brewing who are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


They started in 2012 and are very proud of their 'Craft' status, offering "a true alternative to bland, mass produced beers". I like these guys already!

The name Alechemy makes reference to the proprietor's (James) former career in pharmaceuticals.

The beer we are reviewing is Ten Storey Malt Bomb which is a Modern 80/- (80 shilling) and it contains 10 varieties of malt.

The name 80/- comes from the old way of categorising beers in Scotland. Traditionally an 80 would denote an 'Export' beer that was usually between 4 and 5.5% ABV. This matches the bill.

Let's get stuck in!! 🙂

Out of the bottle and it looks very alluring. A lovely colour of beer, it's very dark with a red hue. A creamy head sits on top but disappears fairly quickly following a short 'meet and greet'.

On the nose and as you would expect, it has some big malty aromas. Sweet and chocolatey it be urges you to take a sip. I think it's time to oblige.

This tastes great. It could easily pass for a Porter with its big malty notes and ingrained sweetness. Super smooth with a nice twang of bitter at the back end which quietly holds on to your taste buds when nobody's looking.

There's a slight hint of iron from this brew, similar to the sort of taste you'd find in a Guinness. It's certainly a very pleasant beer that's easy to drink.

In my opinion, this is the perfect Sunday afternoon beer. Not too strong but with a good body and a sweet malty character which adds a lovely warming flavour to the closing hours of the weekend.

Roll on the Sabbath 🍺👍🏻

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