Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte

Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte

Mad Hatter Brewing Co

Porter - 7.2% ABV

You can't have your cake and drink it...


Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte - essentially the German equivalent to a Black Forest Gateau, is the name of the beer that we will be reviewing today.

We've already experienced some of the vast portfolio of beers that Mad Hatter have to offer and have been suitably impressed by the Merseyside brewer's enthusiasm to experiment with all kinds of styles and flavours.

In this Porter they look to recreate the spirit of a Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte into the cunning disguise of a beer. As someone who can appreciate the finer pleasantries of consuming cake, I'm rather looking forward to this review 🍰😀

So, into the glass and it pours very nicely. There's enough natural carbonation from this bottle conditioned beer to create a sturdy off-white head against a dark, black body. It looks fantastic.

There isn't a massive or overpowering aroma although both cherry and chocolate notes are evident. Close your eyes, count to three, ramp up the smell a little bit more and I'd be looking for a fork to eat what's in front of me 🍴

So to the taste and an established berry flavour comes through, bouncing nicely off a front row chocolate and coffee combination.

It's certainly easy drinking, very much so for a double digit brew. In fact there isn't any sort of alcoholic burn at the back of the throat which can sometimes be apparent in beers of this strength.

This lighter Porter is just that, light and silky. The berry flavour gives it a freshness which adds to its appeal whilst the lactose smooths up the mouthfeel and gives it a creamy, soothing consistency.

Whilst some people may want a stronger, heavier body in a beer with these sorts of flavours, I'd say this is a pleasant and easy drinking Porter in its own right.

Underestimate this at your peril however, because whilst it may taste quite light, this cake/ beer certainly isn't half baked. The icing on the cake says 7.2% ABV and that my friends...

Is nothing to be trifled with!

((I'll get my coat!🚶))

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