Paquila Brown

Paquila Brown

Tyris Hits

Brown Ale - 5.2% ABV

Spanish Brown Ale with a Feisty Attitude...

Tyris Brew co are based in Valencia in Spain. It was created by two university friends (Gonzalo and Dani) who after studying Brewing in Germany returned to their native city and set up the Tyris Brewery. 🇪🇸

They pride themselves in producing 'no nonsense beer' and strictly use only the four basic ingredients of water, malt, yeast and hops. All in their natural form and double fermented in the bottle.

The beer under review today is called Paquita Brown and the bottle art is awesome. It's supposed to have a feisty attitude - let's crack it open and see?

It pours well with an orange/ brown colour and a nice bright white head - in an Afro style around the top. It really is a lovely looking beer.

Tropical fruits from the big dank American hops dominate the aroma. This has good potential be a nice blend of sweet and bitter. Let's get stuck right in 🍻

What's immediately clear is that this is a very balanced brew. Top drawer in fact!

The bitterness from the hops cling throughout the mouth whilst the sweetness from the malts give a lovely sweet caramel like taste. Truly a great blend.

A lovely mix between a fruity IPA and a more relaxed Brown Ale equip this beer with a tailored versatility enabling it to be savoured in a number of different scenarios and locations.

Delicate and easy to drink mean that this is a pleasant and more-ish drinker with a low enough ABV to let you enjoy another glass without worrying too much about your brain becoming too befuddled.

I'm impressed 😀👍🏻

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