Elvis Juice

Elvis Juice


IPA - 6.5%

The King is Dead, or is he??...


So here it is. Amazingly, this is my first Brewdog Beer Review for Oh Beer Network 🐶

Now if you haven’t heard of Brewdog yet then you really must be new to the Craft Beer Scene (check out my FB post from a few days ago).

Born in 2006 by two former school friends James Watt and Martin Dickie, Brewdog has grown massively over the past ten years making plenty of waves along the way.

Yes, Brewdog don't only brew great beer they are also fond of challenging the norm and the establishment as well.

Driving tanks through London, Brewing the strongest beer in the world, selling bottles of beer for £500 inside the bodies of dead squirrels (I'm serious) and changing their names to Elvis by deed-poll to settle a legal dispute are only some of the outrageous things they have been known to get up to.

*I'll put a link to the full Elvis story onto our Facebook page on Sunday*

Anyway, on to todays beer and it's called Elvis Juice - a grapefruit inspired IPA only released this summer.

Lovely looking beer off the pour. It's a fruity IPA but there's no murkiness whatsoever in this filtered sunset coloured juice fest. A yellow reddish colour harbours a fluffy white head, it looks delicious.

The aroma gives a big juicy grapefruit smash to the nostrils. Orange and other citrus notes wrestle their way in too. This is one fruity Bad Boy of a beer. I want to dive right in...

Strong and zesty, the first mouthful hits you like a sledgehammer to a walnut - BANG!

Grapefruit and orange are there in spades, they're bitter and they have bite!

It has to be said, for its big citrus flavours however, this beer doesn't seem quite as refined as some of the other grapefruit inspired ales out there (like Highwire). The bitterness is harsh and snatches at your tastebuds, I suppose this is an IPA though.

There's also a detectable alcohol burn from this. It's only 6.5% but you certainly know it.

That being said, it is a pleasant and refreshing brew. As someone who loves the taste of oranges this does have a pleasant mandarin aftertaste that cleanses the palette.

Overall, decent and refreshing but a little harsh for my liking 🙂

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