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Sour blend - 7.3% ABV

Get ready, hold on tight because this is a WILD ONE!!...

Our second review from Wild Beer co and I'm really looking forward to it. It's name is Zintuki and it is actually a limited run blend of two of their other beers...

- Ninkasi: A Celebratory beer made with a small amount of local apple juice.


- Somerset Wild: A sour beer fermented using yeast and bacteria from local orchards.

This is no doubt going to be a cracker of a mix. One with a sour bite as well. Let's get to it...

In the glass, it has a deep yellow castor oil tone to it. A good murk exists throughout from the living yeast and it has a white head which quickly disappears below the surface.

The smell is biting and bitter. There is a highly zesty lemon smash to the nose. It's clear that this beer is going to kick some ass!

On to the taste and like you'd expect, it's sharp, zesty and extremely bitter. There's a tense jingling hit of sourness straight off the bat that gives you an almighty judder.

A heavy taste of lemon and sherbet follows straight after. For a brief moment you are transported back to a time during childhood, in the school tuck shop wolfing your way through a bag of lemon fizz bombs.

The aftertaste makes fine amends though. My favourite thing about sour beers is how the dominant tangy taste morphs into a sweeter flavour in your mouth after you've swallowed the beer down. Zintuki is a prime example of this.

After half a glass, your taste buds start to adapt to the early bitter flavours and they soon become much more bearable. The sweeter, dry apple taste then surfaces before urging you to take another gulp.

In summary, patience is the key with this beer. You have to take the time to tame this 'feral' beast to your way of being. When you do, it soon transforms into more of a sweeter tasting puppy dog of a brew.

Be careful though, you know what they say about taking a wild animal on as a pet... Sometimes they bite!

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