Buxton Brewery

Blonde Ale - 5% ABV

A blonde beer with a big Belgian personality...


As the second beer that we have reviewed in Buxton's fantastic Belgian range, this was eagerly anticipated.

Our last review of the Anglo- Belgique IPA, got a solid score of 7.5/ 10 so this Brew immediately has a reputation to live up to.

Today's is their Belgian Blonde so we can expect a lighter, fresher taste.

Hazy and well carbonated on the pour. This is a sunny orange colour with a small white head.

On the nose there isn't a huge amount to talk although it is possible to detect a clove and banana type smell as you would expect from the Yeast.

Bready and earthy notes immediately come through on the taste. The Belgium yeast that's been used has a distinct barnyard personality. Not so much in a bad way, it simply adds character to the beer.

There is also a dry bitterness to the mouthfeel which contributes to a clean refreshing aftertaste.

This is a more spicy version of a Blonde Ale than you would usually get. Again I just love the way this is so different.

That aside though, I have to confess that Blonde Ales aren't my favourite style of beer. I just prefer a heavier body and less dryness. For that reason this doesn't set my night on fire although I can appreciate that it is a good brew.

A solid blonde beer.

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