Alechemy Brewing

Extra Pale Ale - 3.8% ABV


Today's review is another beer from one of Edinburgh's finest breweries - Alechemy.

You may remember that last week we reviewed 'Ten Story Malt Bomb' and were suitably impressed giving it a high scoring 8.5/ 10.

Expectations are therefore high as we crack open Rhapsody Extra Pale Ale and pour into a glass.

As is fills up, it's as clear as crystal with a slight white head. It's a very light golden brown colour and contains zero sediment or murkiness. This could nearly pass as a Lager or Pilsner except for the lack of carbonation.

On the nose, there's a malty caramel smell along with some timid floral notes. The aroma is generally quite sweet and fragrant.

To taste and we get some big malty caramel flavours mirroring the smell. There's also a good kick of hoppy bitterness to the mouthfeel which is somewhat aggressive when it bites.

Whilst some people will love the light fragrant flavours, after a while they start to get a bit bland. The low ABV doesn't help as if it was a bit stronger then it might add to the character somewhat or at least help the balance a bit.

As it is, it's just a bit lost. Plenty of flavours but it doesn't feel like they are all dancing to the same tune. Im sorry to say that it leaves you drinking a weak Ale with a harsh bitterness and an average malty taste (imho).

Sorry but not for me. Such a come down from 'Ten Storey' 😕

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