Pioneer Lager

Pioneer Lager

Cloudwater Brew Co

Lager - 4.8% ABV

Shouting - Lager, Lager, Lager...


Following on from the perfect scoring DIPA v9 review on Monday, today we are back with Manchester's Cloudwater Brew Co.

This time we are going more mainstream though. The beer is their 'Pioneer Lager' and it will be interesting to see how good they are at producing something with significantly less hops.

Let's get straight on to it...

To view, it's a light, crisp and spritely looking with a pale yellow colour. There is a full and fluffy white foamy head which holds together pretty well.

On the nose, there is a fresh piney aroma which also contains a lemony citrus backdraft.

To taste, this is wonderfully light and refreshing, just like you would expect a decent Lager to be. There's a pleasant bitter aftertaste and minimal malty notes.

It just oozes class and feels like a high quality beer that someone has taken some pride and effort to perfect.

Each mouthful sees your palate adapt to the soft fruitiness and dry mouthfeel creating a growing desire for each taste.

Pioneer Lager would make a fantastic gateway beer for any newcomers to the Craft Beer scene. A direct comparison between this and a mass produced, commercial equivalent will immediately welcome them in with open arms.

Whilst this beer style continues to be the drink of choice for the masses, Cloudwater demonstrate what a quality brewed and crafted example can taste like.

Lagers wouldn't be my favourite but this is very nice. The perfect beer in front of the football and a group of mates.

I wonder do they sell them in 6 packs 😉

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