Base Ejection

December 8, 2016

 Base Ejection

Gun Brewery

Smoked Rye Ale - 4.7% ABV


Smoking me out...

You may remember that I reviewed Velo Dog last month, by a pretty exciting brewer down in Sussex called Gun Brewery.


Well today's beer is another one by Gun and it's called Base Ejection. It's a Smoked Rye Ale (Rauchbier) and like all of the beers in their range it is vegan friendly and unfined. 


Hazyness with a smoke hit, I'm looking forward to it 🙂


On the pour and it's an orangey brown colour with a good thick cloudy head of bright white foam. It nearly has the appearance of a bold Red Ale.


On the nose, lovely malty aromas of biscuit and caramel float over the top of the glass with a slight hoppy bite. An earthy, smokey scent is also lazily bathing in there below, just ready to make it's full frontal appearance when the time is right 😳


On to taste and this is a lovely beer.


Thicker and stronger than you would think and completely malt forward. The rye gives it a nice bready body and there is a fantastic smokey flavour in the aftertaste.


Biscuity, caramel, spicy notes are the controlling features in this beer with a touch of hoppy bitterness to reign it back a bit.


But it's the smokiness that dominates everything post swallow. It's a lovely taste to savour though and a hat tip to the brewers for making it stick so well.


Overall, this is a smooth, easy drinking and enjoyable Rye Ale.

Smokin!! 🙂👍🏻



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