Salty Kiss

Salty Kiss Magic Rock Gooseberry Gose - 4.2%


Today's beer is Salty Kiss by Magic Rock. A Gooseberry Gose so we're expecting some sourness in this little number.

In the glass it looks very like a nice light and fresh Lager or Pilsner. It's a light golden colour with a yellow hue. A lively thick white head sites lightly on top.

The aromas are fresh and sharp. It's clear that there is certainly a sourness to this beer. There's a zesty punch of citrus as well lurking in there.

It tastes very original. There's a salty edge to it along with the sour kick. It's not too overpowering though. This is definitely a new experience for this palate.

That being said, I'd like to have more sweet flavours to reignite my taste buds after the salty sour ram raid.

You can taste the gooseberries but just not quite enough in my view. It feels like there's the threat of an awesome fruit crescendo that's building up but it just never happens and the flavours fade away into the background relatively quickly.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy drinking this, in fact, It's starting to become quite obvious in these reviews that I really like my sour beers. I could happily go through a few of these in an evening but I just feel like it could be a bit better.

For a decent, refreshing sour punch of a beer this works well though. Certainly worth a try 🍻

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