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Berliner Weisse - 4.9% ABV

Weisse that you say?...


Today's offering is a wheat beer from none other than Buxton, one of the best breweries this side of the Atlantic.

We know to expect some tartness from this Traditional German offering, let's see what we think..

From the off, it looks just like a Berliner Weisse Beer should. Light coloured with a small disappearing white head. It is well carbonated and there's a constant fizzy throughout the beer. Nice to see.

It smells tart and zesty. Lemon peel and big floral notes with some honey thrown in for good measure. It gives off a delicate aroma but with an underlying zest that it bursting to get out.

Tart and zingy. This has the body that you would expect with the heart of a bitter lemon. There's a salty taste to the mouthfeel as well. This clearly helps to heighten its formidable dryness.

The floral flavours come through but they are absorbed quickly to the background. Bitterness is this beer's forte and a bready body is its playground.

Overall, it's thirst inducing but maybe a little bit too sour for my ideal version of a wheat beer, although it is a great textbook example of a Berliner Weisse.

Smooth but thorny. Nice, but not my favourite type of brew.

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