Fuego Feroz

Fuego Feroz

Fierce Beer

Chilli Pale Ale - 5% ABV

And in the Red Corner we have...


It's Saturday night as I write this review and we're waiting for our curry order to arrive. Some like it hot (apparently) and that would include me!

You can't beat a spicy madras to start an evening off with, but what beer to choose for the wait??

Honestly, the choice was easy. Following a delivery of their finest brews last week, it's time to crack open my first bottle from Fierce Beer. Something to complement my takeaway no less - Fuego Feroz; a chilli Pale Ale!! 🌶

Let's get this bad boy lit...

In the glass, it's a murky looking medium coloured Pale Ale. There's a nice white frothy head following the pour but this soon dissipates.

On the nose, there is an instant smell of chilli. It's a spicy and slightly earthy type aroma. An essence of lime also features heavily in this fiery concoction.

Following the clear habanero fuelled bouquet and ahead of tucking into this beer, a slight element of concern is starting to come over me 😐...

Take a deep breath and hold tight, I'm going in for the kill!!

WOW!! This beer has a punch. Hot is the word and fire is the font style. It's a chilli beer alright and it's arrived for the party - invited or not!

Let's be sure about this however, the flavours are great! A big peppery blast flushes through your mouth. Similar to the taste that very hot sauce you get with spicy chicken wings - YUM!!

Beer wise, as expected, the chilli dominates the flavour but, the body of the wheat beer lends an earthy foundation for the spices to dance on. There's a lovely lime back beat going on too just to make the melodies sync together and the tune they play is a certain floor filler!

Maybe I'm a gluten for punishment, but I really like this. Perhaps it's not ideal to eat WITH a hot curry (no prisoners are taken!) but certainly one to warm the cockles and ignite the soul.

Well done Fierce - you twisted Fire Starters!! 🔥😈

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