Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench

Weird Beard

Pale Ale - 5.3% ABV

Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin...


Today's brew comes to you from those bearded wonders based down in London Town - Weird Beard Brewing Co.

Fresh to the craft beer scene in 2013, WB pride themselves as a No BS kind of a brewery. Happy to experiment with their beers, they don't care much for authority, gimmicks or crap. Oh and they are "never knowingly under hopped!" 🤔

Having built up a loyal cult following in the industry, they continue to produce excellent beers especially as specials or 'one offs'. Today's brew however comes from their core range and is named after the deepest known part of the ocean - The Mariana Trench.

So let's get our scuba gear on and dive right in...

In The Glass:

A good looking Pale Ale. A nice light caramel coloured beer with a thick foamy white head which holds together very well.

On The Nose:

There are some really fantastic fruity and tropical aromas of mango, grapefruit and maybe some orange peel. From the dank smells within, it's clear that this beer is going to have more Hops than a field full of bunnies. On scent alone, this beer has all of the hallmarks of an IPA dressed up in a Pale Ale glass suit.

To Taste:

Hoppy and bitter.

There is, as expected, plenty of mango and passion fruit flavours from the green and resinous Pacific Gem and Citra hops. This concentrated blend of botany leads to a zesty and somewhat chewy mouthfeel.

Indeed, the delicate malty backbone that I would have hoped for doesn't really seem to have turned up, leaving the beer very hop forward and even a tad harsh.

It's not bad, especially if you're really into your bitterness but personally I'd just prefer a little more subtleness and a sweeter balance, especially in a Pale Ale.

Nice and I'd happily have another one but it's not something that I'd dive too deep to get my hands on

- you Hop Heads out there are going to love it though!

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