Casino RyeAle

Casino Rye-Ale


Rye Ale - 5.1% ABV

There'll be time enough for counting - when the beer is done...


So, we say hello to our friends at BrewDog again today with one of their newest beers in the range.

This Rye Ale was released as part of their US 'Equity for Punks' fund raising campaign, check out their video below...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love these guys!

Many people are quick to call them media/ attention junkies but I think they just have the balls to do things differently and are masters of thinking outside the box. Fair play to them!

And so, Casino RyeAle was born, but was it just a publicity beer whipped up quickly to add exposure to their campaign??

There's only one way to find out 🍻....

In The Glass:

A clear sparkling lightly coloured ale with a generous white frothy head that holds onto the sides with a vice like grip. As standard with BrewDog beers, this is clean and clear looking brew. No murkiness here.

On The Nose:

A lovely citrus hoppy aroma comes flooding out of the glass after the pour. It's got floral and pine notes and a discreet caramel aroma fresh from the ample malt bill found in this brew.

To Taste:

Lovely and crisp.

The hop bitterness and citrus flavours that we sampled in the aroma are there in spades but there's much more to this beer than just that.

There is a clear earthy character that is brought in by the rye and a very slight smokey touch on the back end along with a floral overtone throughout.

The darker malts they have used in this beer gives it a slightly spicier flavour but there is no doubting that signature BrewDog hoppy backbone. On this occasion they have only used one type of hops variety - Equinox, but they have certainly used plenty of it.

The bitterness is there along with a rough and dry aftertaste. The flavours blend together well however to present an enjoyable and thirst quenching Rye Ale.

So to the original question: Was this beer brewed as a publicity seeker to hold hands with their Vegas Fund Raising Campaign?

- Maybe.

But it doesn't really matter as this is a good beer none the less and whilst it may not quite be a 'Full House', it's certainly a winning hand 👍🏼

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