Hipster Ale

Hipster Ale

Evil Twin Brewing

American Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

Drain Pour or Drink More?

It's time to shoot from the Hip...


We've reviewed a few Evil Twin beers so far on the Oh Beer Network and due to their extensive range and global reach I think it's safe to say we will be drinking plenty more in the future (check out Sunday). One thing that is clear is they are pretty damn good at brewing beer - especially of the dark varieties.

This of course set's a precedent for each new ET beer that we try. In other words, we are expecting great things from this American Pale Ale.

It's name is Hipster Ale - not entirely out of place on this channel you may say 🤔. Now whether or not we would be happy to label ourselves as "Hipsters", I do like the sound of this fruity American Pale Ale and am keen to get stuck in.

So, glasses on the table, hat thrown to hanger (missed!) and fingers poised at the keyboard

- let's get to it...

In The Glass:

An alluring golden brown colour with good carbonation and a nice white foamy head. Nothing to complain about here, this looks like a great brew.

On The Nose:

Big tropical fruit aromas. Pineapple stands out heavily but there is also a good mix of orange and grapefruit citrus scents. This certainly has a heavy mix of hops which will add to it's complexity.

To Taste:

Hop forward and fruity.

There's a HUGE hoppy bitterness that hits you from the get go, just as you'd expect from a textbook APA. It's lighter mouthfeel gives it an 'easy to drink' character and the dryness given from the hops, ensures that you want more and more.

Amongst it's green and bitter flavours there is a camouflaged malty presence. Not much, but enough to contribute to a very slight sweet kick. This provides a nice balance to the beer.

This is a nice brew but honestly, it's not really anything new. It tastes like so many US hopped beers that I have tasted hundreds of times before.

In saying that, whilst it could be confused in a blind taste test with plenty of other APA's out there, that just proves they have nailed the style.

The fact is, this is a solid beer and I could happily drink it all night.

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