Tyris Hits

VIPA - 6.1% ABV

A Valencian India Pale Ale?

- This will certainly be a first...


Today see's us review another beer from our Valencian Friends at Tyris Brewing. As we know from reviewing one of their other beers (Paquila Brown), these guys know how to brew a good beer and better than that, they aren't afraid to be different.

Be prepared here for a trend setters approach to a traditional India Pale Ale.

This could be interesting....

In The Glass:

A dark orange sun kissed colour with a white head sitting on top. Just like the sort of sunset you would expect to see over a Spanish beach, the colours of this beer set the scene for a bold and refreshing beer.

On The Nose:

Orange, mango and pineapple dominate the smell. Floral flavours combine with the familiar scent of the Citra hops to form meadow of fresh and fruity aroma.

To Taste:

This is like summer in a glass.

A beautiful juicy mouthfeel like something you'd drink at breakfast. This has the bitterness at the back end but lovely sweet fruit flavours to balance it out.

Peaches, apricots, mangoes, they are all in there. The question is, when can too much sweetness start to take away from a beer.

This certainly pushes the boundaries.

Add a good bit more carbonation and perhaps not quite as much hops (sacrilege I know) and I feel like this would be a really high scoring beer.

As it is though, it's pleasant, juicy, sweet and easy to drink.

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