Lil B

Lil B

Eviltwin Brewing

Imperial Porter - 11.5% ABV

A Big Bad Winter Imperial Porter - Yes Please....


Eviltwin Brewing have built themselves something of a reputation for Stouts over the past years. Whilst I wasn't sold on the harsh tasting 'I Love You With My Stout' (, I did have the chance to try 'Even More Jesus Port' (a port barrel aged version of their original best seller) and it rocked my world.

In the final week coming up to Christmas I'm going to be reviewing some beers of a Festive nature and although this isn't a "Christmas Beer" as such it most certainly is a Winter One.

The question is, can Eviltwin brew as good a Porter as they can a Stout?

Court is in session...

In The Glass:

Black as Black can be, this beer stands tall in the glass. There is a very small 'off white' head at the top, but that body looks strong and thick - it should be a cracker.

On The Nose:

Wow, Big Sherry aroma.

Hints of chocolate also come into play, this beer wants to be enjoyed slowly. It certainly smells very alcoholic which leaves me hoping that it won't be too harsh!

To Taste:

Smooth and Chocolaty

It has a surprisingly smooth mouthfeel with a beautiful chocolate sideswipe which would lend itself nicely to being drunk with a bowl of icecream and maybe a brownie as well. Yum!

Don't be misled however, there is big alcohol in this glass (11.5%) but it doesn't give you that harsh burn that can be present in a lot of Imperial Stouts and Porters. Instead this has a soothing warmth as you swallow it down. Very pleasant and comforting.

This Porter has a great balance and it tastes wonderful. This is one for the midnight hour. Like the end of an evening's fireside story that draws you in, sweetens you up and then sends you off to bed with a smile on your face and a good nights sleep on your mind.

It is truly a beautiful beer - good night everyone 🙂

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