Hoppy Christmas

Hoppy Christmas


IPA - 7.2% ABV

Hoppy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night...


Welcome all, to the first of 5 Day's of Christmas Beer Reviews.

By now, I hope you have already made your Special Festive Beer Haul and are lying in wait for the holidays to begin before cracking open the first bottle or can.

Still to purchase?... then the coming five days should provide a guide of some of the best Christmas beers that are currently available out there. But just don't leave it too late!!

If you try any of the forthcoming selection then please comment below each review with your own thoughts. After all, part of the fun of enjoying craft beer is being able to share your views and opinions with others.

So, today and tomorrow, we will be looking at Brewdog's Christmas beer offerings for 2016.

Starting with 'Hoppy Christmas' which is an IPA. Not the usual style you would associate with Christmas but then again, Brewdog isn't exactly your usual type of Brewer.

Let's see if this 'fruit punch' of a beer sets the season aglow?

In The Glass:

A deep and slightly darker amber colour. Like most Brewdog beers, it is characteristically clear and well filtered with a good fluffy white snow fall of foam sitting on top.

On The Nose:

Huge and delicious pineapple aromas which allude to the fact that there are plenty of fresh Simcoe hops hiding in there. Sweet and tropical notes simply float from this glass. Delicious!!

To Taste:

This tastes fantastic.

As you'd expect, it's a big, bitter, hoppy beer and a bit of a textbook example of a West Coast IPA. The sweet yet dry pineapple flavours dominate this great tasting beer although there's a silent caramel whisper in the background which balances out the Hoppy bitterness, just a little bit.

I did say only a little bit, as it's the bitter kick at the back end which forms a lovely epilogue to this festive tale. It hangs on to your tastebuds like a babble to a Christmas Tree and provides the beer with a lovely tangy aftertaste.

Fruity, Pineapple and papaya inspired IPA's may say Christmas to some people (especially in the Southern Hemisphere), but here in the UK and Ireland it seems a little "Summery" for something to enjoy in December.

That doesn't make it a bad beer however and probably all that's required to give it a proper Yuletide makeover could be a quick rendition of 'Mele Kalikimaka' and a Santa hat - I'll stop short of recommending that you drink it with a straw though!

Hey, if it's good enough for Bing Crosby then there are certainly no complaints from me.

Overall, this is a Merry Little Brew.

Thumbs up from us 👍🏼🎄

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