Santa Paws

Santa Paws


Scotch Ale - 4.5% ABV

You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout I'm telling you why....


'5 Day's of Christmas' Beer Reviews - Day 2.

Today's beer comes to you from Brewdog and is presented to you by our very own Brew Dog.

Meet Jackson the Borador, he's 9 months old and his pastimes consist of eating everything, biting peoples sleeves and doing the 'wall of death' around our front room. This photo of him was made possible by the good people at Pedigree Markies Dog Biscuits.

Anyway, that's enough from our sponsors. Our Beer Review is of Santa Paws which is a Scotch Ale.

What's particularly interesting is that it is made using Scottish Heather. This used to be done a long time ago in Scotland when hops couldn't be mail ordered and heather was often available in vast supply.

The honey from the heather tends to give a floral and sweet taste but with an underlying bitterness that can be detected at the back end.

It isn't used as often in brewing these days but that hasn't deterred our friends at Brewdog.

Full respect on the originality scale but will it's taste be enough to make Rudolf's nose shine?

There's only one way to find out....

In The Glass:

A deep rich dark ale with a thick white sturdy head. It pours well and looks to have a full and malty waistline.

On The Nose:

Big earthy smells dominate this brew. Caramel and a slight sweet floral fragrance certainly feature. These soft and comforting aromas compel you to enjoy this in front of a big log fire and a Christmas tree 🎄

To Taste:

Malt forward, sweet and silky.

There is a milky, lactose type taste to it that really contributes to it's distinctly smooth mouthfeel. There's a chocolatey, spicy hit that comes in as well adding a pleasant festive touch to this brew.

It's only 4.5% but you can taste the alcohol in there for sure. It isn't harsh by any means but the bitterness from the hops combines with the floral heathery taste to give it a dry after burn.

There's no bones about it, there are some lovely flavours in this brew and ample carbonation which gives it an extra bit of Christmas sparkle, as well as contributing to a big old white Santa Hat on top of the beer. Honestly though, I feel it just needs a little bit more of a kick to finish it off.

I believe that when Brewdog first released this, it was around 8% ABV and I feel that sort of volume would lend itself better to the rare and autonomous flavours that are found in the glass. As it is, it feels that there is nothing to hold on to and those big tastes just fade away into the night.

A pleasant enough beer overall but it could be comparable to Santa making it all the way to your front room then realising he's left half your presents outside in his sleigh.

Good potential but just falls short in the final execution

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