Black Christmas Spiced Winter Porter

Black Christmas Spiced Winter Porter

Fierce Beer

Winter Porter - 6.5% ABV

Come to the Dark Side - We have Spiced Porter....


'5 Day's of Christmas' Beer Reviews - Day 4.

Incase it isn't already abundantly clear to you - Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

That means, the likely hood is that you've finished work today - Hooray!! (unless you work in retail - sorry).

It also means that we only have two more festive brews to share with you and I'm sure this choice won't disappoint.

We've sampled the wonderful 'Fierce Beer's' White Christmas Beer last night, but what about the stuff they brew on the other side of the brewery. In the shadows and shadier side. The place where creatures fear to tread and there is a gloomy presence in the air??

That's right - It's their Black Christmas Spiced Winter Porter..... Mwah ha ha ha!! 😆

This is a similar ABV to White Christmas but should in theory, be a slightly heavier brew. There will no doubt be plenty more Christmas Spice in store but will it be enough to outdo yesterdays offering?

In The Glass:

Black like a pint of Guinness with maybe a very slight hint of red. A creamy coloured thick head sits on top. This looks like a lovely winter warmer.

On The Nose:

The first thing to really hit you is Chocolate and plenty of it! After a good sniff I'm sure that I can taste it already and my mouth hasn't touched the glass yet. The is also a hint of berries and some cinnamon notes.

This is only a 6.5% Porter but you can detect a slight medicinal or alcoholic scent but it's not too bad.

To Taste:

Tastes like chocolate cake.

Simple as that. If last night's brew was a digestif then this beer is the actual dessert. Forrest berries come through along with cinnamon and there is a lovely nutty aftertaste.

There is a real underlying bread like quality to this beer. Shortbread and ginger are evident in there and there is a raw spicy taste at the back end.

As referenced in the smell, it does have a warm alcoholic taste that certainly matches it's percentage. This can be felt in the beer but for a heavily flavoured porter, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, it's a good brew but like before, one would probably do you over the course of the evening due to it's slightly overwhelming medley of flavours.

It may be a Black Christmas Porter but this could certainly brighten up a quiet Winter's evening 🌟

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