Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper


Belgian Dark Ale - 10.9% ABV

Santa?... I Know Him!!


'5 Day's of Christmas' Beer Reviews - Day 5.

It's Christmas Eve and it's the Final Day of our Christmas Beer Reviews.

As JBJ once said, "we're going down in a Blaze of Glory" with todays Beer.

All the way from Denmark and the Mikkeller Brewery, we have a very strong and Dark Belgian Winter Ale called, Santa's Little Helper.

I'm walking into this review relatively blind and without knowing a huge deal about this beer. As with the previous day's reviews, I am expecting it to be a malty, spice fest. At such a mighty Alcoholic percentage though, I'm not sure I'd like to meet Santa's Big Helper!!

In The Glass:

It looks like you would expect, a charismatic, big, bold, Brown Ale. not only is the bottle a pint in size but everything about this beer says Giant.

There's a large off-white fluffy head sits proudly on top, like the crown on a king.

On The Nose:

Lovely aromas of caramel and winter spices. Chocolate features as well, along with berries and a warm alcoholic smell of port.

Hold onto the reigns, I've got a feeling this is going to get bumpy.

To Taste:

Ho Ho Ho... this tastes supreme.

Full of spicy tastes and festivities, this beer smashes you hard with big, bad Christmas flavours.

First, you get a big roasted malt and caramel hit with a spicy sparkle throughout. For me Chocolate is prominent in this beer and forms the backbone. The 'port like' taste of berries and alcohol combine nicely to give a lovely warming effect to the back of the throat as you drink.

Whilst it has a high ABV and you can taste the effects of the alcohol, it does a fantastic job of hiding the flavour, making this a lovely smooth beer to sip (and yes, I mean sip!).

The mouthfeel isn't as heavy as a stout and neither it should be, however the flavours could easily be at home in one. This is a slightly lighter tasting brew but with an big 'double figure' punch.

For me personally, I like a Christmas beer to be bold, charismatic and full of festive flavours. Something that you could happily snuggle up with in front of the TV after Christmas dinner or at the end of the night, served in a big snifter/ brandy glass by the fire. But most of all - it needs clout!

At 10.9% this really hits the mark and whilst drinking too many, might see 'Christmas Day' turn into 'Christmas Goodnight', this is a perfect blend of Strength and Character.

For me it's a winner and everything I want to see in a Christmas Ale.

As far as this beer is concerned, Santa Claus isn't just coming to town - he's already arrived, bought a house, begun a family and is running for mayor.

Santa's little helper is a holly jolly brew 🎅🍻

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