Madness IPA

Madness IPA - Craft Beer Reviews

Madness IPA

The Wild Beer Co

IPA - 6.8% ABV

Is there method to this Madness?...


Today's beer is from Somerset - Wild Beer Co.

Best known for their "Wild" beers, in other words, ones that are fermented using wild fermentation methods and Brett, giving us some fantastic sour and tangy flavours in their brews. Indeed we have previously reviewed some fantastic beers from them on this channel (Zintuki in particular was cracking!).

This beer is a bit different though. Rather than specialising in their usual, ultra sour offerings, Wild Beer Co have decided to go for a seriously hopped, bad boy IPA to give their own unique interpretation of some of the big, citrus and tropical flavoured India Pale Ales made famous on the West Coast of the USA.

Madness IPA - this should be interesting indeed...

Madness IPA Poured - Craft Beer Reviews

In The Glass:

This is an unmistakably beautiful looking beer. It's a light golden amber colour which sparkles with bubbles. There is an impressive white foamy head.

On The Nose:

Instant tropical aromas. Mango and pineapple dominate with a fantastic result of making your mouth water. It's obvious at this point that this is going to be a juicy, hoppy IPA.

To Taste:


It's called Madness IPA for a reason. This beer clearly has a little bit of hops in it. Did I say a little... I definitely under called it

- it has A LOT of Hops!!!

It does have a pleasant tropical flavour too. Pineapple and mangos are certainly in there somewhere. It is the sheer hoppy bitterness that overwhelms the taste buds however.

From the first sip, until long after you've swallowed the beer down, there is this heavy lingering bitter tsunami of dank and biting bitterness that refuses to subside. This takes Hoppy IPA's to the next level. I've no idea what the IBU is for this brew (I've read that it's around 70). The massive bitterness says to me that the malt score is low and unimportant and has a very low part to play in the make up of this beer.

Honestly, I think it is too much. I just don't see the need for there to be such a large amount of hops in this IPA and I actually think it would taste way better with less.

-That's not the point though!

This beer was brewed for one reason only - to appeal to a particular gap in the market, 'the Hopheads' out there. Going by my personal taste preferences, this isn't for me and it might not be for you either. But there is a large group of beer drinkers who will absolutely love it.

Horses for courses they say and they're right.

Except, I prefer dog racing and this IPA feels like the bloody Grand National.

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